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Validate your business idea with real, paying customers in 30 days (or less).

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Do you want to build a business and quit your day job?

You need a plan of action to get your first paying customers.

I'm going to teach you my easy to follow step-by-step system that gets you from zero to $1,000/mo and beyond, as quickly as possible without wasting precious time and money.

You don't want to spend the rest of your life working for somebody else—you're an entrepreneur at heart and motivated to succeed. You know you need to start, you just don't know exactly how or where (especially without wasting time and money).

Does any of this sound familiar?

You've been wanting to start a business, but just can't seem to find the right idea.

✔ You're overwhelmed by the amount of work it looks like starting a business will take.

✔ You've gotten started on your idea, but progress has been slow.

✔ You feel like you don't have enough time, money or the right skills to make it happen.

✔ You just need a step-by-step game plan to follow for launching your business.

What if I told you that you could...

✔ Find a profitable niche business idea (that you'll care about) in the next 7 days.

✔ Learn how to leverage your existing skills as a strategic advantage for your idea.

✔ Quickly build an engaged email list with 100's of motivated potential buyers for your idea.

✔ Create a proof of concept for your idea without any fancy tech, design or business skills.

✔ Launch your solution, get your first customers and validate your idea in the next 30 days.

Well, you can do all of this and much more. I know because I've done it 6 times in the past few years. I've been in your shoes and I'm here to help. Now, I've developed a repeatable system for finding and validating a niche business idea in less than 30 days.


Introducing... 30 Days to Validate

An online course that walks you step-by-step through the process of getting your first paying customers in the next 30 days.

You'll learn how to:

1. Pair your interests with a profitable niche business idea.

2. Grow an engaged email list of potential buyers.

3. Launch your idea & get paying customers.

Here's what you'll get when you join:

Lifetime Access to All 7 Course Lessons

All 7 actionable lessons in 30 Days to Validate are pulled straight from the step-by-step action plan I used to publicly validate a business idea in December of last year. In little over 3 weeks, I pre-sold 12 copies of a book, generated $108 in revenue without a website and built an email list of 565 subscribers who wanted to learn more about my product. You'll have fun following this system and building your business.

Membership in a Private Facebook Group

We're all in this together. You'll get access to a private Facebook community for students of 30 Days to Validate to get feedback, ask questions, share strategies and collaborate together. This group is also where you'll be able to get my advice on how to push past the unique challenges you'll face along the journey to validating your idea.

10+ Behind the Scenes Validation Interviews

Go behind the scenes with Pat Flynn, Founder of Smart Passive Income and hear how he validated his website that now generates $150,000/mo. Meet Bestselling authors Chris Guillebeau and Nir Eyal to hear how they've validated startups, blogs, courses, books and podcasts that are worth millions. Hear how Sara Chipps funded over $160,000 on Kickstarter and how Blake Coppelson achieved 1.7 Billion YouTube views.

Actionable Worksheets, Templates & Scripts

You don't build a business by watching videos lectures—it takes hard work to create meaningful solutions and find your audience. These worksheets, templates and scripts eliminate the guesswork. With the completion of each lesson's worksheet, you'll be physically moving through the process of creating your business and getting closer to validating each day.


You'll be joining more than 28,338+ ambitious entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, educators, freelancers and other professionals in learning how to land their first paying customers and build a profitable business.

"It's been 2 days and I already got a customer willing to pay for my service. He said, 'Tell me how much it's going to cost and let's get started.' For the first time, I gained clarity on the niche for my online business and I'm so pumped to continue this."

- Tobi R.


This isn't just a series of how-to videos. By the end of this course, you'll actually launch your business to paying customers in the next 30 days.

"I wasn't even halfway through lesson 1 of your course when I had a sudden epiphany and I knew exactly what I'm going to be doing. I had been trying to figure it out for at least a year prior. Now, in 3 months I've almost doubled my income, and it's still increasing!"

- Katie of Shared Culture Concepts

Your Instructor

Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson

I've launched physical products, built a profitable consulting business and now work with more than 13,000 students in my online courses. I grew my second product-based business to $160,000 in revenue in 1 year while keeping my day job and built a freelance writing practice to more $120,000 on the side in less than 6 months. On my blog ryrob.com, I teach more than 200,000 monthly readers and 28,000+ email subscribers how to start and grow a profitable side business.

I've been featured on:

Here's what you'll learn:

Lesson 1: Discovering a Profitable Niche Business Idea

Emerge with a well-defined niche business idea. We'll start by uncovering your strongest areas of interest. You’ll examine your hobbies, how you spend your free time, your most meaningful goals, what you excel at and what you feel great doing. Therein lies the seeds for your best potential business opportunities. We’ll reach out to friends and family using my copy/paste conversation scripts to get outside feedback on your strongest interests. We’ll go through how to identify which areas of interest could lead to profitable niche opportunities & use my top research tools to estimate real market demand for your idea. Finally, we’ll examine any potential fears and limiting beliefs that could be holding you back from pursuing something you’re truly interested in (and we'll work towards overcoming them).

Lesson 2: Leveraging Your Skills & Outsourcing Weaknesses

Identify your most marketable skills & how to use them for bringing your business to life. This lesson starts by discovering your most impactful soft and hard skills—we’ll talk through the differences and how they’ll combine together to give you unique advantages within your business. You’ll break down your biggest wins in your personal & professional life, and examine the skills that help you excel. You’ll use my conversation scripts to get input from friends and family on what some of our hidden strengths may be. Finally, we’ll put in place a set of guidelines and criteria for deciding what you should outsource (and how to find that talented help), so that you’re only spending time on the activities you’re best at.

Lesson 3: Creating an Early Feedback Group

Get your first 25 - 50 email subscribers this week. This lesson starts by covering the extreme importance of having individual conversations with people in your target audience—to ensure that you’re building something they’ll actually want (and need). You’ll go through the process of crafting an elevator pitch that quickly explains your idea. Next, you’ll use my proven conversation scripts to start manually reaching out to friends, family, former co-workers, classmates and acquaintances to pitch your idea and keep track of everyone who indicates interest in getting updates your idea as it evolves. You'll get my downloadable spreadsheet template for tracking your new email subscribers.

Lesson 4: Developing a Competitive Advantage

Clearly define what makes your business uniquely valuable within your industry. In this lesson, you’ll start by going through a series of questions, prompts and conversation templates to ask your early feedback group, so you can determine exactly what they want (and need) within your niche. You'll dig into their biggest frustrations, uncover your competitor's weaknesses and learn how to best position your solution. Finally, you’ll identify the very specific ways in which you can provide a more effective, efficient or unique solution for your target market—this will be your competitive advantage.

Lesson 5: Growing Your Email List Without Breaking the Bank

Grow your email list to 100+ subscribers (including people you don't know). In this lesson, we'll cover my top 5 strategies for quickly scaling your list building efforts beyond the limitations of just 1-on-1 manual outreach, without breaking the bank. You'll learn how to run giveaways (including how to hustle and get your giveaway items sponsored or discounted), how to tap into online communities and forums within your niche to build relationships, leveraging Facebook groups, Twitter chats and Instagram influencers to get more email subscribers who are interested in what you're building.

Lesson 6: Building a Proof of Concept

Build a simple proof of concept in 1 week without fancy tech skills or otherwise. This lesson starts by defining your proof of concept goal, usually a specific number of pre-orders that'll give you reasonable confidence in your solution—there’s no replacement for getting customers to vote with their wallets. Next, we’ll walk through 6 real proof of concept examples from successful businesses to illustrate all of the different (low-effort) forms a proof of concept can come in—based on your existing skills and outsourcing. Then, you'll outline exactly what your proof of concept is going to be, how you’ll be building it & get feedback from us in the Facebook group.

Lesson 7: Launching and Getting Pre-Orders

Launch your proof of concept to your email list and get your first 10 (or more) paying customers. This lesson starts by covering the basic tools and services you’ll need to get set up with in order to accept pre-order payments for digital products, physical products, subscriptions and service offerings. Next, you'll start individually pre-selling via direct email conversations with your subscribers. We’ll go through my one-on-one, Feedback to Pre-Order Email Sequence and you’ll get my copy/paste email scripts for generating pre-orders before building your solution. Finally, we’ll wrap up with how to pre-launch your solution to your full email list after you’re ready to move beyond one-on-one pitches. You'll learn how to write compelling sales emails, see specific case study examples from my own product launches and you’ll get my copy/paste launch email templates.

"I've been taking your advice and guest blogging to build my credibility and audience. I was able to get my first pre-sell for my course this week!"

- Kevin of Inbound for Startups

Class Curriculum

  Module 1: Finding & Positioning the Right Idea
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Building a Proof of Concept & Launching
Available in days
days after you enroll

Are you ready to build a business?

You could keep testing the waters, wasting precious time and money, spinning your wheels and trying to figure it out all alone...


Or you could join me in 30 Days to Validate and validate your idea with paying customers in the next 30 days.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I stand 100% behind the system in 30 Days to Validate. If you make it through all of the lessons, complete the worksheets and implement the strategies covered in this course and still don't experience real results within 30 days of purchasing, I'll refund your investment—no questions asked.

What happens after you join:

1. You'll get immediate access to all course materials including video lectures, in-depth case studies, founder validation interviews, worksheets, templates and conversation scripts for accelerating your progress towards landing your first paying customers.

2. An excited invitation from me to come join the 30 Days to Validate private Facebook Community (this is where the magic happens).

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course work?
The course starts the minute you join. It's not like most online courses, though. You won't sit back on your couch and watch a bunch of videos. You'll be taking action every day—it's designed so that the completion of each lesson walks you through the process of building and validating a business with real paying customers over the next 30 days.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? I get it, sometimes life happens and you might not be able to immediately pull off the same results that others have already achieved with this system. It takes time. It takes hard work. But, if you commit to following the system, it'll work for you. After enrolling, you'll have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like—across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
You should only pay for results. If you put in all of the work, complete the worksheets and implement the strategies you'll learn in this course and are still not experiencing any results, contact me within the first 30 days of purchasing. Show me you've completed the worksheets, given it a serious go and I'm more than happy to give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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